Why the new website?


The original website served us well when we first started the George Pantziarka TP53 Trust, it gave us a web presence, it hosted the forum and allowed people to find and contact us. But the site was never great to look at – it looked dated, austere and not very friendly. Not only that, it was put together using a platform that was way too complicated for our relatively simple needs.

Hence this refresh. We want to continue to have a recognisable web presence. The forum is still a key part of the site. But we want this to look fresh and inviting. We want to expand the range of content. To host a blog rather than taking a feed from another site. And, of course, we want to respond to what our readers want – which means you have to tell us!

So, please help us by pointing out what works and what doesn’t. By pointing out that there are gaps in the content. By sending us your news. Join the forum or respond to the blog posts. Make this site come aliove and help us build the sense of community that for so long has been missing from the world of LFS families.

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