Whole-body MRI – Guest post by Dr Andrew Gogbashian


A recent study in JAMA Oncology has highlighted the benefits of screening patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome using whole-body MRI imaging. The study demonstrates that screening with whole-body MRI enables clinically useful early detection of cancer in TP53 mutation carriers. The … Read More

LFS Research Project – Reducing cancer risk


The previous article outlined how p53 isoforms are changing our view on how TP53 is involved in so many different functions in the cell. Where we used to think there was only one p53 protein doing everything, we now know … Read More

LFS Research Project – p53 isoforms


The scientific understanding of TP53 continues to evolve and change – while it’s still known primarily because of its function in tumour suppression, we also know that it is central to how cells respond to an increasingly wide range of … Read More