Give as you shop…


As part of our fund-raising strategy we’ve recently signed up to a service called Give As You Live. It’s a simple idea – basically it’s a web site which you use to access your favourite online shopping sites. Each time you place an order via the site a commission is earned, most of which will come to us and some will be a service charge.

From a user’s perspective there are no additional costs or form filling involved. You can carry on using your favourite online shopping stores, take advantage of special offers and so on. The only change is that you have to access the online store by clicking a link on the Give As You Live page. This is made even easier if you install one of the browser add-ons so that it’s only a click away.

To help support us you can click HERE and then sign-in to the service (using your Facebook details if you are a user). Once signed in you have to select the charity you want to support and then off you go. While we don’t expect to be earning millions from this, for a charity our size every little helps!

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